Recall Memory for Mac
Your Personal Time Machine

Scroll Through Time:
  • Quickly recall what you were doing earlier
  • Favorite key moments, copy text, and search screenshots
How it Works:
  • Recall Memory runs in the background and captures the active window every second
  • Only screenshots with significant changes are saved to optimize storage
  • Captured data is always stored and processed locally
Full Control & Privacy:
  • You control which applications are captured
  • You control how much data Recall uses
  • Data is saved and processed on your device
Why use Recall?
  • Never forget what you were doing earlier
  • Copy text from the past: browser history, terminal history, previous forms
  • Bookmark any moment for quick reference
  • Private browsing for Safari and Chrome automatically ignored
  • Recall is free and your data is stored + processed locally
  • See our FAQ for more...
Get Recall

Recall is fully sandboxed and available for free on the Mac App Store

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